Using a fundus camera we are able to take a digital retinal photograph of inside your eyes.

Taking care of your vision begins with an Eye Test.

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Caring for your eyes

Our optometrists have over 100 ways of assessing your vision and eye health. And they will select the tests most appropriate to you. Although every eye test is different, you can expect to be with our eye care professionals for about 30 minutes.

Eye conditions

By familiarising yourself with the symptoms of certain conditions, you could prevent an initially minor infection or problem becoming a major health issue. That’s why we’ve put together this introduction to some common vision disorders, as well as some which are far rarer.

How your eyes work

Your eyes are extraordinary. Making around 200,000 movements each day, they are able to distinguish around 10 million colours. But it’s your brain that actually does the 'seeing'. The eyes act only as a ‘central processor’, taking information, in the form of light waves, and transmitting it to the brain.

Optometrist qualifications

Our optometrists are highlighy qualified professionals, trained in all the latest and industry leading procedures.