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The technology


Tonometry is a quick and simple test that checks the pressure inside your eyes. The results can help your doctor see if you’re at risk for glaucoma.

A tonometer is used to measure the pressure in your eyes by blowing small puffs of air into each of your eyes. At Vision Express, we use the latest equipment for eye testing provided by the leading Essilor to provide accurate results to all our patients.

Digital Retinal Photography

Using a fundus camera we are able to take a digital retinal photograph of inside your eyes. The picture is a detailed image of your retina—the back of your eye—allowing you to see what we see; as well as keeping a permanent photographic reference of your eye health so we can review it again when you come back to see us next time. This can reveal a lot about your eye sight, your overall well-being, and can even detect underlying health conditions.

Taking care of your vision begins with an Eye Test.

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